Deliverables schedule

The available deliverables

  • D1.1 (Part 1) – Literature review of Industry 4.0: The objectives of this deliverable are to:
    • Provide a definition of the main concepts related to industry 4.0
    • Describe existing competency concepts and models
    • Analyze these models and their application in HEI
  • D1.1 (Part 2) – Literature review on industry 4.0: The objective of this deliverable is to analyze current teaching and learning curricula in Asia, for the four application domains (AI, Software Engineering, Wireless Networks, BigData Analytics)
  • D1.1 (Part 3) – Literature review on industry 4.0: The objectives are:
    • Identify the determinants of enterprise budget relative to the introduction of Industry 4.0 innovations.
    • Analyze how these determinants may evolve over time with respect to the adoption of Industry 4.0
    • Analyze the results of the proposed model using the Structure Equation Modelling
  • D1.2 – An emerging Skills 4.0 model: This deliverable describes the gap between the skills required by industry and the skills acquired in HEIs. The objectives of this deliverable are to:
    • analyse the gap by overlaying 4.0 skills with existing skills in HEIs
    • propose an emerging model for 4.0 skills (emerging skills; disparate skills, changing skills,…).
  • D1.3 – A Skill4.0 based teaching and learning framework: The first part of the document describes the computational model for skills & knowledge transfer in industry 4.0. In the second part, The Shyfte Teaching & Learning Framework introduces the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) aligned specifically to each Learning Center of excellence objectives and processes (by domain).
  • D1.4 – The Designed teaching programs and learning materials: This deliverable concerns the teaching and learning programs and materials. The design of the learning materials is based on the framework and skills 4.0 model defined in the deliverable D1.3 and provides the models of skills 4.0 for the four domains of excellence. The teaching and learning strategies for deploying the four pilots of the WP2 are also defined in this deliverable
  • D3.1 – Strategic Quality Plan: The objectives are the following:
    • analyze the effectiveness of the teaching and learning model
    • define the quality indicators to analyze and evaluate the transfer of skills 4.0
  • D4.2: Project Website: This document describes the design methodology adopted for the creation of the Shyfte website and the corresponding prototype which, in the final phase leading to the deployment of the official version of the Shyfte website. It also introduces the different social networks and the social media management.