Pilot 3: Wireless networks analytics

Domain 3 Skills 4.0 Learning Framework : Wireless networks analytics

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The Learning framework for the third domain, “Wireless networks analytics”, is composed by the five following Skill Sets (SkS):

  • SkS-D3-1: Wireless Networks
  • SkS-D3-2: Wireless Security
  • SkS-D3-3: Wireless Propagation
  • SkS-D3-4: IoT System
  • SkS-D3-5: Energy Management

17 Modules identified in this Framework

Domain 3: Skills 4.0 Wireless Networks Analytics

7 Modules developped for Domain 3 in Wireless Networks Analytics

  1. Introduction to Industrial Revolution 4.0 (see domain 1)
  2. Introduction to Cybersecurity
  3. Introduction to Energy Management
  4. Data Acquisition and Analysis
  5. Renewable Energy for Wireless Network
  6. Green Energy Wireless Networks