Pilote 2: Software Engineering and Big Data Analytics

Domain 2 Skills 4.0 Learning Framework : Software Engineering & Big Data analytics

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The Learning framework for the second domain, “Software Engineering and Big data Analytics”, is composed by the four following Skill Sets (SkS): :

  • SkS-D2-1: Big Data Science Analytics
  • SkS-D2-2: Big DataSystem Management
  • SkS-D2-3: Cloud Computing System
  • SkS-D2-4: AI for BigData Analysis

18 Modules identified in this Framework

Domain 2: Skills 4.0 Software Engineering and Big data Analytics

6 Modules developped for Domain 2 in Software Engineering and Big Data Analytics

  1. Introduction to Industrial Revolution 4.0 (see pilot 1)
  2. Principle and application of Big Data Technology
  3. Comprehensive Training of Artificial Intelligence
  4. Critical Thinking Oriented Big Data
  5. Smart Decision Making with Big Data
  6. Data Mining Ideology and Technology