Industrial Workshop

« Skills for the Industry of the future »

Thursday 03 March 2022, 08:00h (Portugal) / 09:00h (France, Italy) / 16:00h (Malaysia/China) / 15:00h (Thailand)

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, an industrial workshop was organized to promote discussions and exchanges between companies and HEIs on the theme of « Skills for the Industry of the future ». About thirty participants were able to listen to the testimony of 4 companies (two from EU and two from Asia) on the needs in skills and competences within the framework of the digitalization of their process and the evolution towards the industry of the future:

  • Mr Jensen Joymengul, Lindé Company (France)
  • Mr Tiago Santos, Muvu Company (Portugal)
  • Mr Faizal Ali, Vectolabs Bhd (Malaysia)
  • Ms. Zhiyu Chang, Technology Co., Ltd, Banyan (China)

A big thank you to the companies and participants for the quality and richness of the exchanges

ToT Session Part 2 in UTM, in February 2022

For this training of the trainers session, the modules concerned are: “AI for Coputer vision”, “Supervised and Unsupervised learning”, “Convolutional Neural Networks” and “Advance Machine Learning for Big Data”, “. The lecturers are from the School of Computer Science and the School of Electrical Engineering of the University Teknology Malaysia

Training of the Trainers Session – University Putra Malaysia, 05; 11-12 January 2022

UPM started the ToT session part 2 on 05 January 2022

For this session, the modules concerned are: “Green Energy Wireless Network (Part II)”, “Data Acquisition and Analysis (Hands-on)” and “Renewable Energy for Wireless Network”.

SHYFTE Pilot 3 – Wireless Networks and Analytics by Wireless and Photonics Networks Research Centre – Wipnet UPM has conducted ToT Part 2 with Hands-On experience. We shared our experience in using Python for data analytics in Data Acquisition and Analysis by Dr June Turn Liew, Dr Nur Luqman Saleh and Mr Azizi Ali. In Renewable Energy for Wireless Network, Prof Ir Dr Aduwati Sali and Dr Oussama Messadi will share their work on Matlab in simulating SWIPT-based wireless networks as a potential application for a renewable energy technology. Finally, Prof Dr Borhanuddin Mohd Ali and Dr Wael Hussein will show how Green Energy Wireless Networks can be modelled for greener communications.