Training of Students

The Training of the Students (ToS) sessions were organised in the different partner countries between January 2022 and August 2022.

During the course of the project, 28 ToS sessions were organized for the four domains. This allowed the training of 400 Students.

  • Domain 1: Industrial Engineering and Management – Chiang Mai University 94 students trained ; Kasetsart University 43 students trained
  • Domain 2: Software Engineering and Big data Analytics – 24 students from Chengdu University and 120 students from Chengdu University of Information Technology trained.
  • Domain 3: Wireless Networks Analytics – Universiti Putra Malaysia 69 students trained .
  • Domain 4: Artificial Intelligence – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 50 students trained

Most of the ToS sessions took place in a face-to-face learning setting.

A summary of these training sessions is presented in the following table. The details of each of these training sessions are presented in Deliverables D2.1 to D2.4