Main KPI’s

Shyfte Main KPI’s

Learning Materials

For the four domains defined in the project, a total of 35 modules have been developed.

Domain 1: Industrial Engineering and Business Management

  • 6 new modules developed for Industrial Engineering
  • 5 new modules developed for Business Management

Domain 2: Software Engineering and Big data analysis

  • 5 new modules developed for SE & Bigdata analysis

Domain 3: Wireless networks analytics

  • 7 new modules developed for wireless networks analytics

Domain 4: Artificial Intelligence

  • 12 new modules developed for Artificial Intelligence

Training of Trainers Sessions

During the project, for the four domains, 37 Training of Trainers sessions were organized. They allowed the training of 214 trainers.

. Domain 1: CMU 49 trainers ; KU 25 trainers

. Domain 2: 31 trainers from CDU and CUIT

. Domain 3: UPM 56 trainers

. Domain 4: UTM 53 trainers

Among these trainers, 24 trainers from partner universities have been trained.

Among these trainers, 20 persons from different companies have been trained.

Training of Students Sessions

During the project, for the four domains, 28 Training of Students sessions were organized. They allowed the training of 400 students.

. Domain 1: 137 students from CMU and KU attended the different courses (94 CMU & 43 KU)

. Domain 2: 144 students from CDU and CUIT attended the courses (120 CUIT & 24 CDU)

. Domain 3:  69 students from UPM attended the different courses

. Domain 4:  50 students from UTM attended the different courses

Scientific events and publications

During the 3 years of the project, 2019 to 2022, we presented our work in 20 international conferences.

We organized 1 special session in the international conference “IEEE – 15th China-Europe International Symposium on Software Engineering Education” which was held in 2019 in Lisbon-Caparica, Portugal. This session focused on “Skills for Industry 4.0” and presented 5 papers.

1 Keynote Speaker invited in the 8th International Conference on Innovation and New Trends in Information (december 2019)

We also published 7 papers in international scientific journals to present the research work conducted in the Shyfte project.

Other publications are in progress: 2 journal articles have been submitted, a book chapter is being written.

Other Dissemination events

The main KPI’s related to the global dissemination are the following:

  • Industrial workshops (face-to-face & virtual): 10 industrial & academics workshops
  • Seminars (face-to-face & virtual): 5 dissemination seminars
  • Formal meetings (face-to-face): 10 Plenary and/or PMB meeting
  • Informal meetings (virtual): 44 Plenary and/or PMB meeting