Shyfte proposes four meta-training programs (Pilots):

  1. Skills needed for Industry 4.0;
  2. Skills to implement in HEIs;
  3. Advanced teaching and learning strategies for trainers and for students,
  4. Quality assessments (audits) for trainers and students.
  • These programs implemented 4 specific pilots in respective 4 domains:
    • Pilot 1: Industrial engineering and management inThailand (CMU/KU) with all partners,
    • Pilot 2: Software Engineering & Big Data analytics in China-CUIT with all partners,
    • Pilot 3: Wireless Networks analytics – in China (CDU) and Malaysia and all partners,
    • Pilot 4: Artificial Intelligence in Malaysia with all partners.

For each pilot, the project partners trained skills 4.0 trainers (10/PCs) and certified them to be able to train and coach students.

Methodology: The training programs address both “train-the-trainer”, and “train-the-students” types training. The development will follow the appropriate adaptive learning approach for skills enhancement

During the project 400, students benefited from the Shyfte four programs. Each program took 5 days. 240 trainers/teachers were trained. With this approach, skills and knowledge transfer will be fast and efficient.

To achieve multiple effects and further enhancement in the contribution, 10 industrial workshops and 5 seminars were conducted in the universities of China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

A Skills 4.0 based Training and Learning Center of Excellence were developed in each Partner country (WP2) to disseminate and sustain the outcomes of the project.